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Othello at the Globe

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Piece written by Gabbi de Boer, A-Level English Language and Literature

Othello, as many may know, is a classic play about love, war and betrayal, written by William Shakespeare. As part of A-Level English Language and Literature, I was lucky enough to go see it live at the Globe theatre (and standing, no less – the most authentic experience), on a wonderful trip organised by Emma Harpley and accompanied by John Wallis.


The day, overall, was relaxing, with perfect weather to witness the open-air performance of Othello, and we were in no rush once we arrived. This meant that many students had time explore the surroundings, have a walk in the fresh air and have plenty of time to eat our lunches and visit the Globe shop if we wanted to. But soon, time arrived for us to watch the play, and as we were entering the stage, anticipation crept over us as we stood eagerly awaiting the performance ahead of us.


A drumroll signalled the start of the play, and immediately we were exposed to a wonderous performance filled with laughs and powerful lines. The performance was modern and an interesting twist on many classic representations, with tense lines being relaxed with humorous interjections and cast members being brought through the sea of audience members in mock “boats”. Although this adaptation wasn’t popular with some students (Mark Rylance’s Iago was more laid back than many had expected) I thoroughly enjoyed each moment. I feel that although some of the actors may not have made the performance the best it could be, I certainly see the play from a different perspective, and I definitely enjoyed the delivery of lines as being funny and light hearted – leaving the ending almost even more devastating than I had interpreted before. After an energetic ending sequence from the cast, every student was talking about the show, and for many of us it left a lasting impression.








Overall, I really enjoyed the day out and I feel that my view on the play has been broadened to consider new motives as to how and why the characters execute certain actions. I am glad to have had the opportunity to witness it in such a beautiful setting as well, with the Globe Theatre’s marvellously presented gold and mock-marble pillars and having such a close view of the performers themselves.