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Nominations for 2017 Teacher of the Year

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montage-2We asked our students to nominate staff for the Times Educational Supplement Teacher of the Year. Here are some of the nominees with student comments. Also in the photos, awarding Long Road certificates, is college principal Christine Sherwin:

Photo 1 – clockwise from top left:

Adriana Gonzalez – Maths teacher: “She has really helped us with maths and she makes us laugh!”

Chris Cope – Head of Sport, PE and Healthcare and PE teacher: “He has been a very inspirational PE teacher, helping me excel and constantly giving me feedback on how I can improve. He is also a very dedicated teacher: this was shown last year when he marked every single one of the past papers which I took in my own time (there were countless papers)! He has also appreciated my hard work in the subject by awarding me the PE student of the month award. This highly motivated me to continue in my efforts in the subject, as a result of which I got an A grade for Year 1 PE and plan on maintaining this is in the full A level.”

Heidi Gjertsen – course team leader Religion (Buddhism), Philosophy of Religion and Ethics: “I strongly believe Heidi deserves a nomination for teacher of the year for her persistence and determination to help all of her students succeed.  She always takes time out to help any individual concerns within lessons and is passionate for us to achieve high grades in our exams. Her understanding of her subject field is incredibly beneficial to her students. Most of all, her energy and positivity is never-ending, and it fully inspires every single member of her class to go above and beyond and explore philosophy deeply.”

Lizi Rowlands – course team leader Music: “She is always there to help us with our work when we need her and goes out of her way to help us with our coursework, performances, CVs and personal statements. There is a great atmosphere in class because of Lizi.” “Lizi is always welcoming and makes time to help students. She makes 100% effort to help us understand what we’re studying.”

James Young – Business teacher: “He makes our lessons fun while also keeping the learning going. This helps us to learn better because when we are revising, we then think about the fun times in lesson, and it helps us remember the information better. He also has a very good way of teaching, with presentations every lesson and good explanations.”

Huw Williams – course team leader Applied Science: “I believe Huw Williams deserves the award of teacher of the year because he’s an incredibly enthusiastic teacher and has a huge passion for science and everything involved in it! Huw is always ready to teach and assist students. He also has a great sense of humour and keeps the class in good spirits.”

Photo 2 – clockwise from top left:

Martin Keys – course team leader History: “I would like to nominate Martin because he is a great teacher, makes the lessons enjoyable, is so enthusiastic about everything and gets you really engaged in the lessons. He listens to you and helps you when help is needed.” 

Richard Cowley – course team leader ICT Applied courses: “I am going to nominate Richard Cowley as teacher of the year. This is because he has given us excellent support with our work, and always gives feedback promptly. Also, he has helped me with information on the different university options I could take, which has motivated me to aim for a D* (starred Distinction) so I can get into the university I want. He will also hold extra workshops in his own time if we need help.”

Sarah Stow – course team leader Drama and Theatre: “Sarah is a very positive and enthusiastic teacher, who has inspired students to try their hardest and has genuine concerns for her students. She is supportive and always wishes her students the best for their results. Sarah gets really involved in the practical side of our lessons which benefits the students a lot.” “She treats me, and the rest of the class, like a friend and we have such lovely discussions.” 

Tom Genillard – course team leader Criminology: “I would like to nominate Tom Genillard because he’s THE BEST.”

Susan John – Chemistry teacher: “I’d like to nominate Susan John for the teacher of the year, because she made me understand chemistry, always had time to explain topics that I have struggled with and is always kind and enthusiastic.” “I nominate Susan John for the teacher of the year award, because she is so enthusiastic and is amazing at getting the class motivated. I struggled before with Chemistry but with Susan as a teacher I understand it much better and enjoy my every lesson. Even with the difficult topics she ensures that everyone understands and is always willing to answer every question. I love being taught by Susan, and never feel scared to ask for extra help or encouragement. She has given me the confidence I need that has fuelled my work ethic.” “Her enthusiasm and passion are off the scale for her subject, and you can tell she really enjoys teaching and is willing to help individuals in her spare time. The main reason why I know that she deserves this because she has inspired me to think toward a future in chemistry and has helped me to succeed in this subject with her style of teaching. She has given me a renewed love and passion for the subject. In my mind she is by far the best teacher I have ever had and deserves a reward and acknowledgement for this.”

Sue Walker-Mitchell – ICT Applied courses teacher: “I would like to nominate Sue Walker as she is a very nice and friendly teacher and also gives great feedback allowing you to get your work done to standard quickly.”

Not in photos:

Lynn ReynoldsDT Textiles teacher: “I nominate Lynn Reynolds. She is an amazing teacher who really puts her all into teaching and supporting her students. When going through my first year she really helped me get back on track for the exam and I excelled. She goes above and beyond for everyone, is hilarious, lovely and wise! In my opinion she really, truly deserves the Teacher of the Year award!” “I nominate Lynn Reynolds. She is an amazing teacher who inspires me every lesson. She is cool, nice and lovely and works hard to make sure we succeed. It’s always lovely going in to Textiles because it’s such a happy environment with her there.” “I nominate Lynn. She has put so much effort into helping with my coursework.  Her support has extended from my own lessons with her to advice on studying, working and life outside college and support with exams.”

Miranda Perkins – History teacher: “Miranda is always there to help and give advice in all areas of education. She teaches in a way that makes you remember what we are taught, she is always willing to give up her time to help students and she is the nicest teacher to have taught me in my 14 years of education. She has helped me to have a better and more positive attitude towards my A levels.”