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Nationwide Building Society visits Business Studies department

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The Nationwide Building Society sent four speakers to meet our Business students:  Daniel Crouch: Area Mortgage Manager, Adam Hubbard: Senior Branch Manager, Isabelle Peyton: Customer Service Manager, and Han Zhu: Quality Coach. Andy Goodwin, Business teacher and Head of Progression, explains:

“The speakers met students from three different Business Studies classes to explain progression routes into the Finance Sector.  Daniel began with an outline of his career path, and an emphasis on the importance of resilience when dealing with the ups and downs of career progression.  He also outlined the role of Mortgage Advisers and gave students advice on how to pursue this career via the London Institute of Banking and Finance.

“Adam followed this talk with insights into the world of finance. He explained how building societies offer many opportunities which don’t  necessarily require very able mathematicians, but instead focus on people with employability skills such as good communication and the ability to engage with a broad range of people.  He explained how the functions of a building society could be argued to have more in common with the retail sector than the finance sector!

“Isabelle, a Long Road student only six years ago, is now the Customer Service Manager in Cambridge, and she agreed with Adam, explaining how she had started work with the Nationwide using skills developed in her previous role in a shoe shop!  She talked to students about the wide range of opportunities that are available and how she had found the Nationwide to be a flexible employer, allowing her to flourish and take advantage of her communication skills, leading to her management role. She then presented students with a selection of questions that they may find themselves faced with in future interviews and encouraged discussions about how best to answer the questions effectively.

“Finally, Han talked through her career path.  Originally from China, she came to Cambridge to study at Anglia Ruskin University, before graduating and entering the world of work.  Nationwide was not her first job, but it is the one that has allowed her to develop and consider a range of progression opportunities.  She was keen that students should seize the opportunities presented to them and emphasised that they should not restrict their career growth by pigeon-holing themselves into dead-end roles.  She too emphasised how the choices she had been offered have helped her to develop and look forward to a positive career ahead.”

Photo: Long Road students Emma and Kacey, Han Zhu, Isabelle Payton, Adam Hubbard, Daniel Crouch, and Long Road students Alex and Plamena