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Murder in the Woods hits headlines!

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Last week our Criminology students became famous detectives as their ‘Murder in the Woods’ crime scene investigation hit Cambridge News headlines.

Each year our woodland walk is transformed into a murder scene, giving our Criminology students the opportunity to put into practice the investigative skills they have studied throughout the year. To make the event as realistic as possible our students are given full crime scene kit and follow police procedures to locate, identify, collect and preserve evidence that might help them solve the murder mystery. Our students not only have the chance to study the body and evidence at the scene, but also interview a witness of the crime and talk to the press about the information they had put together so far. Spending 90 minutes in the woods investigating the murder scene, the students then moved inside to one of our science labs where they analysed the evidence they had collected for DNA and fingerprints.

Cambridge News reporters were on the scene with our students, adding to the intensity and reality of the experience. Local police officers from the Cambridge North Neighbourhood team were also present, offer the students advice as they studied the scene and analysed their evidence. PC Chris McLoughlin told the Cambridge News “This day is essentially a showcase about what we do on the policing side on things. and linking that up with how criminology experts would respond on the scene… This is as real as we could possibly get it. We want students to apply the principles they’ve learned on the course to an actual investigation… In the class today we have potential new police officers, pathologists and forensic psychologists – and this gives them a  chance to build a picture up of what their job could be like.” 

The day was led by Tom Genillard, Criminology Course Team Leader, who was praised by the Cambridge North Neighbourhood team for creating a truly thorough and realistic investigation, making the day an invaluable event for our Criminology students.

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