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MedSquad prepare for MMIs with Long Road Leadership Team

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Last week a group of 6 MedSquad students took part in mock MMIs (multiple mini interviews) with members of the Long Road Senior Leadership Team and Medical students from the University of Cambridge. Our Long Road MedSquad is a group of students who are interested in applying to medical schools after they finish their studies at Long Road; these students work closely with University of Cambridge medical students who frequently lead workshops and talks giving our MedSquad students advice and guidance on applying to medical schools across the UK. This is the 2nd year that MedSquad students have taken part in mock medical school interviews organised by Biology Course Team Leader, Paul Andrew.

In the UK, MMIs are the most popular method of interviewing potential medical students; with almost all medical students having to face an MMI at some point in their journey along their chosen career paths. With nearly 30 medical schools in the UK using this method of interviewing, students can find they are assessed on a variety of topics at different institutions. In general, students will face between 5 and 10 interview stations, with each interview lasting between 5 and 10 minutes. Stations can range from 1-on-1 interviews to role-play scenarios; each station is designed to test different skills that medical schools are looking for in their students. A good understanding of clinical concepts, current affairs and medical ethics are key and prior preparation is vital!

Our students faced 7 different interview stations; with interviews lasting 5 minutes and then have a 3 minute debrief giving the student the opportunity to hear interviewer feedback and take a look at the comments on their review sheet. Station 1 was led by Andy Goodwin, Head of Progression and Careers, who focused on ethical issues in medicine; Station 2 was led by Paul Andrew, Biology Course Team Leader, who looked at the students’ personal statements and their insight into medicine; on Station 3 sat two medical students from the University of Cambridge, Jane Li and Alex Burrows, who assessed data interpretation.

Moving on to Station 4, students were assessed on photography interpretation by Yolanda Botham, Long Road Sixth Form College Principal, and Karen Everitt, Learning Resource Centre Manager; students then had a 1-on-1 interview with David Jones, Head of Science, discussing current issues and topics surrounding the NHS; next up at Station 6, Steve Dann, Vice Principal, and Chris Childs, Assistant Vice Principal, gave the students a role-play scenario. Finally, on Station 7 students were interviewed 1-on-1 by University of Cambridge medical student Madhu Pandiaraja on why they want to study medicine.

The event was a great success once again with positive feedback from all students and staff involved.