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Lucy Frazer MP visits Politics Students

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On Friday 4th March the Politics department was pleased to welcome the Rt (Hon) Lucy Frazer the Member of Parliament for South-East Cambridgeshire and current Financial Secretary to the Treasury to a mini town hall with our students in the third such political visit this year to date.

Lucy began by discussing her background including her previous work as an intern at the United Nations and with the European Commission as well as her work as a Barrister. After stating that wanting to change the world had led her to Westminster the students were then briefed on Lucy’s previous work in the Ministry of Justice including her role as The Solicitor General, a prisons minister and a notable success in helping to achieve the further criminalisation of up-skirting following a campaign led by victim Gina Martin.

Lucy then opened up to answer questions from the students and this led to discussions on the Prime Minister and the recent ‘party gate’ scandal as well as rises in National Insurance and the pay rise that has been recommended for MPs. She also gave her honest opinions on why she thinks that the vote should not currently be extended to 16 or 17 year olds. Perhaps not surprisingly questions were also posed on the strength of the reactions from the UK government to Vladimir Putin’s reinvasion of Ukraine with specific consideration given to the usefulness of the current procedures and routes needing to be followed by those with relatives wishing to seek refuge in the UK.

We are very thankful to Lucy for coming to speak frankly and honestly to the students and for answering their concerns. Such events continue to serve as an illustration of the importance of young people engaging in politics in these troubled times.