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Long Road students support Eyes and Ears campaign

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This week, 12 students and Criminology Course Team Leader Tom Genillard, joined a community Zoom meeting with local Child and Domestic Abuse detectives, Domestic Abuse Partnership managers from Cambridgeshire & Peterborough and members of the public to discuss the sharp rise of local domestic abuse cases and the types of support that are available from linked charities and the police. During lockdown, Cambs Police received 1,200 domestic abuse calls per month and have record 550 crimes. The call centres are currently receiving a domestic abuse-related call every 2 minutes.

Layla Cansdale, a first-year Criminology student, told Tom “I learned a lot about how the police deal with domestic abuse, how they convict offenders and how they help victims. It was really interesting and it helped my understanding about domestic abuse a lot”. 

Keira Thomson, another first-year Criminology student said, “I enjoyed the domestic abuse meeting from the police and council as it showed me how they are tackling this important issue and gave me a first-hand insight that you can’t get from a textbook”. 

Long Road will be aiming to support the local Eyes and Ears campaign targeting the increased reporting of domestic abuse by the public. Criminology students will be aiming to spread awareness of domestic abuse and the support available to victims.