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Long Road student wins first prize at 6th Form student conference

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Last week, The Babraham Institute held a 6th Form student conference; students had been invited to submit Biology-based posters for a scientific poster conference.  Posters are one of the main ways that scientists communicate their research and findings to other scientists. We are delighted to say our students were extremely interested and supportive of this new event, so much so that Long Road students accounted for 15 posters out of a total of 24 submitted student posters!

A number of our students attended the conference, either by themselves or with parents.  As well as 6th form student posters, a number of PhD student posters were also displayed.  The evening started with the poster viewing session where there was a chance to look at all the posters and speak to the students who had made them.  This was followed by a speaker programme.  5 speakers gave talks about their routes into science, why they would recommend what they do but also the potential difficulties of a career in science.  3 of the speakers were PhD students and two were scientists further on in their careers but who had taken different science-based routes after PhD completion.  All of Long Road students said they had found the presentations really engaging and after the talks, some of our students spent quite a lot of time talking to the speakers about further science education and careers.

Saving the best until last, after the talks the winners of the poster competition were announced.  There were 3 prizes.  In no particular order, 2nd and 3rd places went to students from Beaulieu Convent School, Jersey and Hills Road Sixth Form College.  First prize when to a Long Road student, Shilan Bayir (2nd year, Biology) for her poster on the ‘Antimicrobial properties of garlic’.  Shilan had carried out an investigation where she found different anti-bacterial properties of uncooked vs cooked garlic.  Shilan was there with Mum and both were delighted.

This was the first time that The Babraham Institute has run a 6th Form student conference, we hope that the success of the evening means this will become an annual event! We would like to congratulate all the Long Road students who took part in the event on all their hard work:

  1. Abbie Wood: Monoclonal antibodies in immuno-oncology
  2. Alexandra Rice: Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures
  3. Amy Cope:  Spectral analysis of chlorophyll in leaves during the colour change in autumn
  4. Diana Baus: What is a plant-based diet? 
  5. Sophia Allwrihgt: The future of GM crops
  6. Chloe Hynes: Speech, language and the human mind
  7. Ellie Comer: Induced pluripotent stem cells for Parkinson’s Disease therapy
  8. Eszter Elo: How to win the battle against psoriasis
  9. Macey Russell: A medical high – is CBD effective? 
  10. Megan Williams: DNA in police investigations
  11. Natania Jackson: The health benefits and risks of a plant-based diet
  12. Natasha Cole: The biology behind abortion
  13. Shea Shrestha: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  14. Shilan Bayir: Antimicrobial properties of garlic – 1st prize
  15. Weronika Wedrychowicz: Antibiotic resistance