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Long Road Scholars

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Meet our 2018 Long Road Scholars!

Congratulations to Millie, Martin, Jj, Alana & Dale (pictured, left to right) for receiving the Long Road Scholars’ Award!
We spoke to them after their award presentation on Monday 19 November to find out why they chose to study at Long Road and apply for the Long Road Scholars Award…


Jj Greene
Studies: Biology A Level, Chemistry A Level, Maths A Level
Future goals: Veterinary Career

“I chose to study at long road as I thought it would be the best place for me to get the results I need and to gain some confidence and experience for university also I thought it would be more relaxed and more friendly.

I applied for the scholars award because I thought it would be a great achievement if I won it and that it would look good when applying to uni. I would like to become a vet when I am older.”


Martin Attmore
Studies: Film A Level, Media Level 3 Diploma
Future goals: Film industry career

“I chose to study at Long Road because I wanted to be treated as a human rather than a number. There is an opportunity for everyone here and, if you know what to do and do it, then you have just as many possibilities for the future. I study Film A-level and the 120 credit Media diploma and I am beginning to see the many paths I can take.

You should choose Long Road because “you can shine no matter what you’re made of.“- Bigweld, ‘Robots’ (2005)

I applied to the Scholars’ Award programme because it is a chance for me to prove myself. My aims are to get in to the Film industry and I know that building a portfolio is going to be extremely useful so the £500 funding will mainly go towards producing a film during my two years at the college. In return for the funding, I have worked with the Film department to set up Cinema club and I will also be helping at college events.”


Millie Fisher
School: Samuel Ward Academy
Studies: Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics
Future goals: University study

“I chose to study at Long road, as I believe there is less academic pressure on you, and you can set your own expectations. Therefore, I feel more relaxed and comfortable when I study, and I can achieve more.

I applied for the Scholars Award on a whim, and to actually receive it, and be acknowledged for my accomplishments is a great honour. It is also an amazing extra to my GCSEs.
In the future, I hope to go to university, but I’m still not entirely sure on what course to take. At the moment, I have no plans for my money, so I have decided to save it until I know it will be the most beneficial to me.”


Dale Hellard
School: Downham Market Academy
Studies: Chemistry, Physics, Math
Future goals: Chemical Engineering career

“I chose to study at long road because of the exceptional enrichment opportunities the college offers.  I am studying Chemistry, Physics and Maths and look to go on to do Chemical Engineering. I applied to the scholars award to help cover the costs of travel to and from Cambridge. “


Alana Norris
School: Lingfield College
Studies: French, Psychology, Media
Future goals: Marketing Career, working abroad, or joining the Navy

“I knew that I had wanted to go to Long Road after hearing nothing but positive opinions about the college, which were confirmed when I was shown the around school where everyone seemed extremely friendly and welcoming. I knew I would have a higher level of independence here and have the opportunity to meet new people, so here I am!

I applied for the Scholars Award as an incentive to do well as the application was before I had done my GCSEs. Therefore, if I achieved my target grades, I knew there was the possibility of being awarded for working hard.

I am not really sure what I want to do in terms of careers in the future. I have considered Advertising and Marketing as well as doing something that involves French or working abroad and even joining the Navy.

The money from the award is currently in my savings as I am not sure what to do with it yet. I might put it towards a trip to France, which I can use as a holiday and also a chance to practice my speaking.”


Think you’ve got what it takes to be a Long Road Scholar? Click here to find out more and apply!