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Long Road Scholars’ 2019/2020

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Congratulations to our 2nd year of Long Road Scholars’ who were presented their awards last Wednesday at a special lunch event with our Principal, Yolanda Botham.

Year 2 Scholars’, Martin, Alana, Jj, Dale and Millie all returned for the lunch event to receive the second instalment of their award, and to meet the new Year 1 Scholars’; Owen, Robyn, Abigail, Joely, Vicky, Amalie and Pheobe. The Scholars’ enjoyed lunch with the Principal in her office, where they discussed what they planned to use their Scholars’ Award for and what they have been enjoying about their time at Long Road thus far.

We caught up with some of our Scholars’ after they had finished their lunch to find out a bit more about them!

Pheobe Porter
Year 1 Scholar
Studies: Criminology, Psychology, Sociology 

Career Goals: Law Degree

I chose to study at Long Road because it is in the centre of the city, Cambridge, and brings great opportunities. I study Criminology, Psychology and Sociology. I applied for the scholars award as I thought it would be a great asset in assisting me with my studies and future career. In the future, I hope to pursue law at University and become a Prosecutor for the CPS. My scholar money will go towards helping me achieve this – specifically, I’m not sure yet. 

Vicky Ginn
Year 1 Scholar
Studies: Criminology, Psychology, Geography

Career Goals: Uniformed Services

I chose to study at Long Road because for me to get the best out of education, I need an atmosphere that’s relaxed and friendly. I felt that Long is a really well-rounded and comfortable place for me to fit in and study what I want to, including the criminology course that isn’t offered at many other 6th forms. I’m studying Criminology, Psychology and Geography.

I applied for the Scholars’ Award because it gave me a great goal to aim to achieve throughout my GCSEs and despite not thinking it possible, if I got it, it would look great on a CV. My career goal is to be in the uniformed services, either in the dog handling unit in the police force or join the military police for the army. I will be using my scholar money to pay for travel and any equipment I require at Long Road, like textbooks and revision guides in preparation for my exams.

Robyn Storey
Year 1 Scholar

Studies: Criminology, Psychology, History
Career Goals: Forensic Psychologist

I chose to study at Long Road because of the greater opportunities available here compared to anywhere else. As a student who studies Criminology, Psychology, and History, I knew I’d need to choose a sixth form that offers both A-Levels and diplomas, and Long Road was perfect for that. Enrichment activities usually aren’t my thing- they’re mostly very sport orientated and I’m not a sporty person whatsoever. However, on Thursdays there is a Dungeons and Dragons club which I attend and enjoy greatly- it’s an opportunity to try something new, as I had never played DND beforehand, and I started talking to some different people that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

In the future, I hope to study to become a forensic psychologist, which is why choosing a sixth form that offered criminology was vital for my future- I need an understanding of crime for my career. For this, I plan to get a bachelor’s in psychology, before continuing to study for a master’s in forensic psychology.

My application for the Scholars’ Award was done on a whim; it was the last day to apply and I just decided to give it a shot after hearing about it in my interview earlier in the year. Getting the news was a shock- I had never anticipated receiving it. The money I received for being a scholar is currently sat in a savings account. I never anticipated getting the award, so I never thought about what I was going to do with it. I don’t plan on using any of it until I have actually given it a purpose, so I’m just looking through options of what to do and what previous scholars have used their money for.

Owen Shield
Year 1 Scholar

Studies: Chemistry, Design Technology, Politics
Career Goals: Metalsmith or Career in Gemmology or Metallurgy

I chose to study at Long because I thought it would be the best place to further my interests in metalwork. The DT department looked great on the open evening and the course is interesting and fun. As well as that, the atmosphere at Long Road is so positive and really encourages your independence.

I applied for the Scholar’s Award to fund the purchase of more materials and tools to work with, and it also gave me extra motivation to work hard at GCSEs. It feels great knowing that all the effort you put in gets recognised.

Abbie Wood
Year 1 Scholar

Studies: Biology, Chemistry, Maths
Career Goals: Surgeon

I choose to study at Long Road because all of my friends who have been here recommended it to me; from the interviews, taster days, and open evenings at the college it was clear that the learning environment is very welcoming and the staff are all friendly. I’ve been playing football outside of school for five years and wanted to carry on playing at college so I joined the college team. I find learning about anatomy and medicine fascinating, therefore, I’m hoping to become a surgeon and possibly go onto to specialise in cardiology, however, I’d like to have some work experience in order to develop my understanding of the different departments.

I applied for the Scholars’ Award as it’s a great achievement to add to my personal statement when I apply for university. I’m planning to use my scholar money to buy a laptop and revision books to aid my revision and education at Long Road.

Jj Greene
Year 2 Scholar
Studies: Biology, Chemistry, Maths
Career Goals: Vet 

My favourite thing about Long Road is the lovely, friendly atmosphere within the college. Instead of dreading going to school I look forward to it because everyone’s smiley and it’s not a dreary atmosphere at all.

My advice to year 1 students just starting would be to make sure you keep on top of your work and ensure you put your all into everything you do because when you succeed you’ll realise it was all worth it.

My career goal is to be a vet so I am really hoping to go to the Royal Veterinary College in London to study veterinary medicine so I can become a veterinary surgeon in the future.
I saved most of my money to go towards university next year but some of it that I didn’t save I spent mainly on textbooks and revision guides that I know I’ll need for this next year.

Millie Fisher
Year 2 Scholar

Studies: Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics
Career Goals: University Study

What has been my favourite thing about Long Road? I admire and appreciate the extra effort my teachers put in to help me – by giving me extra tests to help raise my predicted grades and also helping me understand areas I need to improve. This has all been extremely helpful when looking at my choices for the future when filling out my UCAS application. Since we started looking at careers before the summer, I’ve had a lot of guidance and resources thrown my way to make sure I’m really considering my options. 

I am now hoping to go to university in September 2020, and with the help of my teachers, I will go to my first choice. I believe I could’ve made things easier for myself to reach these goals through settling into a routine in Year 1 – this would be my advice to new students, if you settle into a routine from the start with revision, it will help make sure you keep on top of your grades from the beginning. It also ensures that it’s not too much of a hardship for when the time comes to get serious with your studies, ready for your A-Level exams. 

I have used 16% of my scholar money on learning resources such as revision flash-cards that have been written by past examiners to help with my studying. For now, I will save the rest of my money, and if I find anything else I think will help I will have the money ready to help my learning, However, I have been contemplating putting it towards buying a new laptop for university. 

Martin Attmore
Year 2 Scholar

Studies: Film, Media
Career Goals: Filmmaker

“Life at Long Road has been great. Whatever you want, you have the opportunity to make it happen: I wanted to set up Cinema Club, and I did. I wanted to achieve high grades, and I am. College can be whatever you make of it.

My understanding of what it takes to become the filmmaker I want to be. I have seen films that have shaped me, both in Film Studies and Cinema Club, and I have been doing industry-standard work in the Media Diploma.

The Scholar’s Award for me from the start would be money I would use to make a film. Work took priority so I didn’t use any of the first-year money but I wrote a script. I planned the film and I had a script, but I still kept putting it off. At the start of second year, I was asked to lead the Filmmakers Collective at the college, and suddenly I found another reason to make the film. My crew is coming together and I aim to have the film made to a high standard. I want the film to be good enough to enter into next year’s Cambridge Film Festival.”

Alana Norris
Year 2 Scholar
Studies: French, Psychology, Media
Career Goals: Digital marketing, Advertising & Business Management. 

I would say my favourite thing about Long Road has been the level of independence that you get. You do get treated like an adult and get given a lot of time to do work by yourself, in the way that you like.

I would tell year 1 students to make the most of their free periods! Even though teachers emphasised the importance of using those hours in year 1, it can be very easy to just go home. The same applies to lessons; I know for a lot of people,  if their friends have a free, it’s very easy to bunk off and go to Five Guys, but everyone then regrets it because time here flies by!

In year 1 I had absolutely no idea what kind of career path I wanted to take, and I’m still not completely sure. However, now I do have a clearer idea, and I look forward to hopefully getting involved in areas such as digital marketing, advertising and business management. I am currently spending my whole time on the internet waiting for my dream degree apprenticeship to reopen its admissions!

I have used some of the money, but the rest I am saving to put towards 3 months in France!