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Long Road Creative Writing Project

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What do I do?

Writing shapes culture and forms society, it helps us to communicate, document and understand. The author C.S. Lewis wrote ‘You can make anything by writing’ so for this activity we would like you to write anything that you feel inspired to write.

  • We have some prompts to get you started… at the bottom of this document. You can write in response to these, or on another topic that inspires you.
  • You can write in any form – poetry, short story, screenplay, article etc.

Send your writing to Hilary at by Wednesday 3rd December to enter.


Why should I enter?

  1. Personal satisfaction!
  2. Get published! We will be sharing a selection of entries in a one-off college creative writing magazine.
  3. Get published more! Selected entries will be published on the Love Our Colleges website, along with writing from other schools and colleges.
  4. Prizes! We will be awarding prizes of £20 each for:
    • Best character
    • Best writing about an issue
    • Best plot twist
    • Most moving writing
    • Funniest writing

Writing prompts

You can write about anything in any way that you want (e.g., a story, poetry, personal writing etc).

The form of your writing could be a story, a poem or song lyric, autobiographical, journalism, reportage, travel writing, a play or TV / film script.

Ideas to get you started…

  • “I remember…”

  • “What the world needs is…”

  •  “I knew my life would change for ever…”

  • “When we met…”

  • “We’re running out of time…”