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Creating a healthy future with alumnus Maddie

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Long Road Alumni Maddie McIntyre got in touch to tell us what she’s been up to since leaving Long Road and how her time at Long Road helped her get where she wanted to be!

“Since leaving Long Road two years ago, I have been studying Biomedical Sciences at Royal Holloway University. It is a fantastic course that involves a lot of practical laboratory work. My current modules are human physiology, immunology, cell signalling and developmental biology. The content is thorough and interesting, and I am really enjoying my time at university. I have joined the dance society as well and every few months we put on performances for other student to watch!”

“Recently, I got offered a placement at a hospital to be a healthcare assistant. This involves working closely with nurses and patients to deliver personal care and ensure patients are getting what they need. I also spend time observing their vital signs – such as blood pressure – to ensure they are recovering properly. This is a hands-on role and is perfect for me because I want to work in a hospital after my degree so gives me a great head start when applying for graduate jobs!”

“I feel Long Road helped me get to where I need to be by providing strong support throughout my two years there. My teachers were always available when I needed them, and my personal tutor helped me greatly in deciding which route I wanted to go down when applying for university courses. University is all about being an independent learner and I felt my courses really helped me build that up – especially the biology department, meaning the jump from A-level to uni didn’t feel so big.”

“I’d love to thank the Biology and Chemistry departments for all their hard work and support and for preparing me for university life.”