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Local employers provide interview experience for our students

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Looking for a job is difficult at the best of times – but preparing for interview can be even more daunting. 

For Long Road Sixth Form College Business National Diploma students, the task just that bit easier when four local employers stepped in to offer our students invaluable practice in interview techniques. 

“Our Year 13 students are just completing their Career Planning unit,” explains Abby Burt, Business National Diploma teacher. “We wanted to give them an extra boost, not just for their course work but also for their careers. With the help of the College Careers Department I was able to arrange four sets of highly relevant practice interviews.” 

The four ‘jobs’ on offer were:

Barclays Bank Sawston – Cashier

John Lewis Cambridge– Selling Partner

SmithLtd – Trainee Project Manager

Cambridge Professional Academy – Trainee Marketing Executive

Students had to face an interviewer or an interview panel and then give a five-minute presentation on a range of topics, from why they were the best person for the job to selling Long Road as a place to study. The fourteen students were interviewed for the job most suited to their career aspirations. 

“Our students were extremely excited about the interviews.  Some of them are planning to go to university after Long Road, but others are hoping to enter employment.  In both cases, the experience of preparing for and taking part in an interview, and the feedback they received from the firms, has given them the extra confidence they need to embark on the career of their choice,” says Abby. 

“The students and I are extremely grateful to the four firms for both the support and the time they gave us.  We are lucky to have such helpful and farsighted employers in Cambridge. We couldn’t have had a more positive end to our Business National Diploma course at Long Road.” 

Here’s what some of the students said: 

Shobnom Ahmed

I got a great deal out of this interview. I now understand the concept of an interview and how it should be done. I know how to present myself, in which manner to talk and what type of language to use.

I was nervous at the beginning of the interview but once I got started, I lost all my nerves and gave it my best. I felt that at the end of the interview, I was a very confident person and was proud of myself.

Matthew Charter

I enjoyed the interview, I think this was due to the preparations I’d made over the few days before. I was confident starting the interview as I knew what I was going to say and could tell the interviewer was listening and enjoying my presentation. I also enjoyed the questions they asked me. I thought of good answers and always changed negatives into positives which again made me more confident.

 I got real life interview experience and I think my presenting skills were improved so I will be much more confident with giving presentations in the future. I was able to talk straight from my head using bulleted notes instead of reading a script.

Ali Mackay – I thoroughly enjoyed the interview.  Even though I am going to university, I will still take on board the comments I received. This was the first job interview that I‘ve ever done, and I think that from this experience, I will be more than prepared for my next one, which might be when I finish university in 4 years’ time!


Back Row: Addam Morley, James O’Sullivan, Matthew Charter, Charlie Trim, Abby Burt (staff), Michael Turner, Romana Assvadian, Laurence Searle.

Middle Row: Amelie Begum, Liz Bailey (staff), Shobnom Ahmed,

Front Row: Olivia Cutmore, Becky Carse, Ali Mackay, George Betson.