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Life Behind Bars Conference 2020

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Yesterday, our Criminology students had the unique opportunity to spend the day with 4 ex-offenders at our annual Life Behind Bars Conference; giving the students a vital insight into what life was like in prison. Students also gained an understanding of how the Criminal Justice System and Prison System works and the problems that arise within both of these systems.

The day began with students designing their perfect prison and debating whether prison should be a place for retribution, rehabilitation or punishment. They then heard individual stories from each of the ex-offenders on the crimes they had committed and the conditions of the prisons themselves before getting the chance to dress up in real prison clothing!

After lunch, the day concluded with our students conducting group interviews with the offenders where they got the opportunity to ask them why they committed the crimes they did; this task will directly help our students in their current Criminology unit of study.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to TruLife Conferences for running such an amazing day and hope to welcome them back again next year!