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Level 2 Sport students design assault courses for people with visual impairments

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Sport Level 2 Diploma teacher Sam Plant reports:

“As part of the Level 2 Sport Diploma (Unit 8: Injury in Sport), our students designed assault courses for visually impaired people with no sight at all. This really got our students thinking: working in groups of five, they had 15 minutes to design and set up the course, and plan how the visually impaired person would be guided around it. At the end of the lesson we discussed how the exercise went and what the students had learnt from it. This was extremely interesting, as our students came up with some fascinating points.  We then had to grade the quality of each assault course on how challenging, safe and fun it was, and how well it was explained.”

Chris Cope, Head of Sport, PE and Health & Social Care comments:

“This was an excellent way to approach the unit – very innovative, and the photos show how much thought and application went into the task.”

To see more photos, visit our Facebook album: Level 2 Sport students’ assault courses for visually impaired people