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Learner Voice

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In December 2016 we asked our students for their views of their subjects. Here are some of the many positive comments we received (to see more, and find out more about Learner Voice at Long Road, go to Learner Voice).

Applied Science

Students liked their teachers, the text book and the practical work. In particular the AMGEN/Genetics work was especially  enjoyable.


Students rate the experiments and practicals very highly and enjoy being moved around at the start of the lessons. They find the Learning Objectives very helpful.


Students enjoy watching and analysing the real life studies and the research completed independently. The resources on Moodle, the PowerPoints and online text book are particularly useful.


Students found creating the glossary of key subject terminology useful and the feedback on written work. The learning conversations with SMART targets were particularly useful.


Students enjoyed the improvisations, the group reading, working practically with other students and e-buddy work.


Students responded to say how interesting the course is because of the links between the theory in the syllabus and the real world. This is  shown by up-to-date and topical real life examples illustrated by the short blog clips and YouTube clips.

English Language and Literature

Students enjoyed the interactive lessons, working in pairs on questions and the structure within each lesson, which provided a different focus each lesson.

English Language

Students liked the summer work, the questionnaire on family language and idiolect, the emagazine and Dan Clayton’s blog

English GCSE

Students reported that they found the lessons fun and engaging, and the induction period was a great way to get to know the course and everyone else.


The teacher’s enthusiasm and accessibility outside of lessons was valued, with the variety of activities cited as a strength.


Students like the new specification and find it well planned and clear. They like the templates, which enable students to write and structure their responses.


Students enjoy learning about Photoshop and the skills required before starting a project. The support on a one-to-one basis is cited as being very helpful.


Students were impressed with their teachers’ subject knowledge and the positive and purposeful atmosphere in the class.


Students found group problem-solving very helpful, and using autograph and DESMOS to visualise situations.

Media Diploma

Students have enjoyed the hands-on approach  to filming and editing and learning how to use Premier-pro.


The feedback on homework, listening exercises, class discussions and quizzes all helped students to learn effectively.

Musical Theatre

Students liked revisiting practical exercises to see how skills have developed over time and the vocal warm ups as they learn how to train their voices correctly. They found the feedback helped them to develop skills and build their confidence.


Students liked class booklets, Moodle,  frequent testing and group activities. They felt there was good communication between teachers and students.


Students found the teachers helped them to identify what to do to  improve and that the learning conversations were useful.


The Kahoot activities, assessment target record sheets and the essay planning sheets are all found to be helpful.


Students found the “Pre-chewed” booklets and videos useful and enjoyed the discussions. They found the model paragraphs helpful and liked receiving homework by email.

Religious Studies

Students found the induction activities helpful and enjoyed the paired discussions. Students said that the pre-assessment essay planning and help in understanding the mark schemes helped them to make progress.


Students describe the course as an adventure, learning through a variety of topics.

Level 2 Sport

Students find the feedback on written coursework helpful and enjoy the practical learning. They also like the paired work and the fact that staff explain exactly what you need to do to get the best grade possible and create a good bond between staff and student.


Students liked the mind maps, the visual aids, Kahoot, booklets, and both class discussions and group discussions. The quick revision each week on key terms was very helpful.