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Keep Calm & Create! A student story

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As we near the end of the year, many of us are reflecting on the huge variety of ways that 2020 has been a particularly unusual and extraordinary year. These uncertain times that we have all experienced have been difficult for everyone, but one of our students got in touch to let us know how she has managed to stay positive during the strangest summer holidays she has ever experienced!

Aditi Dhillon is a Year 2 student, who joined us as a Long Road student 2 years ago after moving here with her family from India! She is currently studying three A Level’s in Maths, Chemistry and Physics. Aditi was having a great time, enjoying her first year at college when in March we sadly had to close our doors and move to remote learning. Aditi continued to work hard in her virtual lessons, but found that being in lockdown and unable to meet with her friends or take part in any sport, she needed to explore new ways of relaxing and keeping positive – so she decided to get creative!

We are so pleased to be able to share with you some of the beautiful artwork that Aditi created during the lockdown and over the summer holidays – we know creating this artwork kept Aditi positive during a difficult time and now it can bring a smile to all of our faces! Thank you, Aditi, for sharing such wonderful artwork with us.

“This was my first canvas painting ever and I wanted it to be a special one, so I thought that I would paint something on my own and not just copy something from the internet. So I painted a picture of the pink sky that I clicked.”


“I really loved the sunflowers we planted in our garden and how naturally lovely they looked, and I thought it would be fun painting that. I added some monarch butterflies as well.”

“I made this DIY paper rose to decorate my room and I couldn’t believe how realistic it looked!”

“You know how sometimes you feel like doing something but you don’t exactly know what that something is, I too felt like painting something but I didn’t know what would I paint so I went for an abstract painting.”

There was this “Mandala Art Phase” for me during the first lockdown where a lot of mandala happened.

There was this “Mandala Art Phase” for me during the first lockdown where a lot of mandala happened.