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James Hinchcliffe grapples with wolffish for his PhD

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James Hinchcliffe, who studied Biology, Applied Science and Environment Science at Long Road has been getting closer to fish guts and wolffish than he ever dreamed possible!

James underwaterJames started his career at Cancer Research UK, where he gained invaluable lab experience. To his delight, though, he was accepted on a PhD programme in Sweden, which he started in March 2015. He has kept in touch with his Biology teacher, Paul Andrew. He sent Paul this report:

“Sweden is a beautiful country. I have been having a fantastic time here, and I still have another three years left!

“The project is really exciting. I am involved with isolating proteins from fishery by-products (such as fish guts or fish backbones) and turning them into a feed for a new aquaculture system we are setting up with European lobster and wolffish.

James in Stockholm“Currently I am finishing off my first experiment, which I will publish this year. I have also taken my first steps into teaching, having given a few lectures and organised some practicals for the undergraduates.  I’m taking a teaching course at the moment, which I’m really enjoying.”