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How to survive and thrive at university!

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The Long Road Sixth Form College Progress Coaches work with students on their university applications and share their joy when they are offered a place on their dream course.

But what happens once you arrive at university? You are excited to be there and looking forward to your studies, but it might be the first time you’ve lived away from home, you don’t know anyone there, and you’re worried about budgeting.

To help our students prepare for university, Bryony Biamonti, one of our Progress Coaches, along with the other members of the Progress Coach team, planned a special event with information points, talks and a raffle. The stalls included:

Budgeting – how your money is likely to pan out, how to avoid spending all your money in the first week, understanding interest rates etc., student budget planner, using your Student Discount card;

What to do in your first week of university – how to make friends / cope with being away from home for the first time / avoid being lonely;

Health – enrolling with a GP / trying on ‘beer goggles’ to see how being drunk really incapacitates you, free drink ‘anti-spikers’, the dangers of smoking, how to avoid drugs and what to do if it all gets too much;

Entertainment and clothing on a budget – student discounts, charity shop chic, car boots, useful websites, cinema midweek deals, Student Union bars, and, if no money to go out, ideas for themed evenings at your accommodation, plus lots of free samples

Food– healthy and on a budget – bulk buy economy (3k bag of pasta on display – priced at £2.79, works out at under 7p per portion), recipe books, what to take with you (pots and pans), lots of samples of economical foods and drinks/ discount cards.