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How do our brains help us make sense of the world? Ask a worm

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Nicola Smillie (centre in photo) works for the Laboratory of Molecular Biology Neurology Division’s Open Labs. She came to tell our students how worms, flies and mice can help us understand how our brains work. Our students heard about the work of the body clocks lab, discovering what makes us tick and how scientists can study the clock in a dish. This is what our students said:

Zoe Newton (left in photo)
“Nicola’s explanations were very clear, and she gave a real insight into the actual research done at the LMB, giving us a brief overview of what problem each team was currently working to solve. I particularly enjoyed the explanation of how a molecular clock in the brain is controlled by switching a gene on and off.”

Adam Towers (right in photo)
“Nicola was an incredibly passionate and enthusiastic speaker, and her talk was both inclusive and insightful.”