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Holocaust Memorial Day 2021

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Today is Holocaust Memorial Day when we all pause to remember the lives lost during the Holocaust of the Second World War and subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rowanda and Bosnia.   I hope you found the talk as moving and inspiring as those I have spoken to.  Please if you can remember we are asked to place a candle in our windows at 8pm tonight as a sign of remembrance.

Today is also the day we have launched this year’s Lesson From Auschwitz Programme for students.  It will be slightly different this year as it is impossible to travel to Poland and visit the site of the most notorious of the Nazi death camps.  However, the Holocaust Education Trust are running a series of seminars instead and speaking from personal experience these are excellent and expand your knowledge of the history of events.

Here is the programme that is being proposed:

  • Introducing the Holocaust  Wednesday 17th March 3-5pm
  • Understanding the Holocaust Through People and Places   Sunday 21st March 11-1pm
  • Reflecting, Commemorating and Sharing   Tuesday 25th March  3-5pm

We have 2 confirmed spaces for our students to attend.

If you are interested please can you send me an email explaining why you would like to attend and what you hope to learn. Before you apply, please be aware that you must commit to attending every part of the course.

Please can you apply by the 14th February 2021.