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Holly’s Home Workouts – Lower Body Workout

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Our on-campus gym may be closed, but never fear…

…our Sports Services team are here with easy exercises you can do at home to keep you fit and healthy during lockdown!

Holly’s Home Workouts – Lower Body Workout

💪 Do 20 reps of each (10 each leg on the Glue Activation and the Narrow Wide Squats) (10 out and 10 in on the Fast Feet).

💪 Do 2/3 sets depending on how difficult you find it.

1 – Glute Activation: Opening your hips up, hands on the floor, knees underneath hips.

2 – Walk-Outs: Feet hip-width apart, walk hands out to a high plank position, then stand back up straight.

3 – Glute Bridges: Hands flat on the floor, pushing upwards with force.

4 – Mod Drop Squat: Touch the floor with fingertips, sit as if you are sitting on a chair.

5 – Narrow Wide Squat: Feet together, bend down, step out and squat down.

6 – Angle Skaters: Drive out on both legs, backpedal back.

7 – Step Out Burpees: Squat position, hands-on floor, legs back and then bring legs back in and reach up.

8 – Fast Feet: Out and in with your feet. Fast pace.

Good luck!