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Holly’s Home Workouts – Lower Body Strength & Stability

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Our on-campus gym may be closed, but never fear…

…our Sports Services team are here with easy exercises you can do at home to keep you fit and healthy during lockdown!

Hollys Home Workouts – Lower Body Strength & Stability

💪 Do 20 reps of each exercise (10 each leg on the Sideway Lunges and the Lateral Lunge Pushes).

💪 Do 2/3 sets depending on how difficult you find it.

1 – Good Morning: Shoulder width apart, squeeze shoulder blades together, squeeze glutes together.

2 – Sideway Lunges: Straight back, lean towards the bent knee.

3 – Frog Squats: Elbows between legs, flat feet, straight back, chest high up.

4 – High Knees: Try to get knees to hip height.

5 – Duck Walk: Half squat position.

6 – Lateral Lunge Pushes: Bent knee should be around 90 degrees.

7 – Calf Raises: Slight bend in your knees, high chest, try to squeeze your glutes and core.

8 – Jumping Squats: Go as deep as possible and jump up as high as you can.

Good luck!