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History students attend conference at University of London

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Towards the end of last term, History A2 students attended a conference at the University of London:  ‘Autocracy to Dictatorship: Germany 1900-1945’. The speakers were Professor Sir Richard Evans (Cambridge), Professor David Stevenson (LSE), Dr Christopher Dillon (King’s College, London) and Barbara Warnock (Long Road and Birkbeck, who chaired the event). Miranda Perkins, History teacher, explains:

“The lectures covered Germany’s role in the outbreak of World War One, the rise of the Nazis and why Germany lost World War Two. World War One has been much in the news recently, and the debate over the extent to which Germany was to blame remains as controversial as ever. Our students were provided with a useful summary of both sides of the argument, from Fritz Fischer’s assertion that that the Kaiser had proto-Nazi ambitions, to Christopher Clark’s more recent claim that all the Great Powers sleepwalked into war. We were also fortunate to hear a lecture from the very eminent Sir Richard Evans, who offered a detailed explanation for Germany’s loss of World War Two, focusing on the later failures of Blitzkrieg, economic ineptitude and falling morale. Overall, students were provided with some very stimulating material which will help to deepen their understanding of the complex and controversial topics covered in A2 History.”

Student Meghan Brannigan commented: “The History Trip to the University of London for the History conference was fascinating. The notes from the lectures will prove beneficial when it comes to revision for my final exam. The conference also had sessions from Long Road teacher Barbara Warnock about exam techniques. The Conference was great as it covered a variety of useful content and techniques for my exam next year.”