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Health and Social Care students visit Peto Institute in Hungary

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Health and Social Care students visited the world-famous Peto Institute, in Budapest in the autumn. The institute works with children who have cerebral palsy to lead more independent lives by means of conductive education.

There was also a visit to the Gyongvirag Orphanage and the Vadaskert Child Psychiatry Hospital and Outpatient Clinic.

Lily and Alex

Lily and Alex

Students Lily Cattell and Alex Keates report:

“Our visit to the Peto Institute was extremely interesting,” says Lily. “We were able to walk around to see how they worked with children and adults with cerebral palsy. The institute provides regular day-care sessions. We saw some floor exercises using large balls to strengthen their muscles.

“The visit to the orphanage was very moving. Some children were there because they had conditions their parents were unable to cope with. The orphanage takes children and young people aged 3-20 years old.”

“The psychiatric hospital was quite upsetting,” adds Alex. “We had a tour and visited a section called The Cave, which specialises in eating disorders, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behaviour and similar problems.”

These visits were very emotionally demanding for students, so to get a balance they took part in some sightseeing activities. “We visited the Hungarian National Gallery and went on a boat trip,” says Alex. “We saw the Parliament buildings and went on a city tour.”

“One of the things I remember is the Paprika Chicken dish we tried,” says Lily. “It was very fiery – not like the Nando’s version!

“The visit was fascinating,” adds Lily. “The facilities at the Peto Institute were outstanding – there was so much there for them. “However,” says Alex, “I did find some parts of the trip quite upsetting. It was a real eye-opener, and it made me realise how lucky we are.”