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Geography students visit Sedgwick Museum

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Geography A2 students viewed first-hand evidence of how and why the earth moves when they visited the Sedgwick Museum in Cambridge. The trip was designed to support their research into plate tectonics, volcanoes and earthquakes. The museum has a comprehensive range of rocks for analysis and provides examples of tectonic boundaries, such as the San Andreas Fault.

What our students said about the trip

Fran: “I really liked learning about the stages of the rock cycle and seeing the rocks in real life next to each other.”

Rebecca: “It was useful to back up first-hand the evidence written in textbooks.  It helped me understand it more.”

Ryan: The Sedgwick Museum allowed us to carry out practical research and extend our knowledge of the Earth’s tectonic environment.”

Sophie: “It was very helpful to see evidence of volcanic activity.”

Eamon: “In the space of this small museum, the history of Earth was brought to my direct attention.  Highly recommended for a visit.”