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GE Energy works with Long Road Sixth Form College Business Studies students

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In today’s competitive job market it’s more important than ever for young people to have the skills, confidence and business acumen to stand out from the crowd.  Here is one of the projects run by our Business department.

“We work with local businesses to give our students excellent first-hand experience of devising business strategies, carrying out market research and delivering sales presentations,” explains Long Road Business Studies course team leader Nadia Cameron.

“We have a strong and continuing relationship with the Cambridge branch of multinational GE Energy, and were delighted when Software Manager Paul Cane agreed once again to help adjudicate our students’ e-business strategy presentations.”

The students’ assignment was to devise an e-business strategy and create a website for a fictional client,, and electronic games, an application store and toys. Gubbins needed to introduce an e-business strategy in order to move away from the high costs and limitations of a high street store. The strategy had to overcome the difficulties of introducing and implementing online trading but it had to be usable for staff and suppliers. The students also had to draw up the concept of an Application that could be used as a marketing tool and which could be uploaded in principle to different platforms. The students then had to sell their strategy to the board.

After a presentation by Paul Cane on presentation skills, three short-listed students, Becky Tuck, Najim Hoque and Timmy Stenning, came to the Gubbins board room and sold their strategies including costings. They faced tough questioning from the board (Nadia, Paul and the other students, and their objective was to leave with a sale.

Najim Hoque was judged the winner for his well-designed site, integration of social media and the ability to connect to packages such as the Sage line 200 suites. His presentation was superb, his knowledge of the client’s needs was excellent, especially his App., and he went away with a sale that earned him a good profit margin and an ongoing business with huge potential up sell possibilities

Najim‘s prize was to have his name engraved on the GE shield, and he also received a cinema ticket voucher.

Paul comments: “I was particularly impressed with the quality of the students’ website design and implementation, particularly given that most of them are not studying ICT. They had identified suitable internet tools to enable them to build secure working websites that had the capability of handling online shopping, access for staff and demonstrated a professional look-and-feel. In addition, they were able to present their business cases very effectively, conveying enthusiasm and a depth of subject knowledge.”

Nadia adds: “This is just one example of the excellent support our students have received from local companies.”

Photo: Left to right: Pane Cane from GE Energy, overall winner Najim Hoque, and  finalists Becky Tuck and Timmy Stenning.