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Flo wins College poetry competition

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This year’s National Poetry Day was on the theme ‘Remember’ to tie in with the centenary of the start of World War I.  The College English department ran a poetry competition for our students, with the prize-giving taking place on 11th November.

The winning poem was by Flo Collier for her poem ‘Her’ (see below)

Olwyn Benjamin, Head of Department, says: “The standard was extremely high, and it was very difficult to make a decision. We have a very talented group of creative writers in the College and are looking forward to starting our new Creative Writing A level in September 2015.”


College Principal Christine Sherwin (first left) with runners up Niamh Kemp (second left), Daniella Mannion (third left) and Dani Lumm (far right) and with the winner Flo Collier (second right).

Flo’s poem:


October and I find ourselves thinking about you.

Leaning into each passing season like an old woman.

I pray it will take you away,

Dementia, please muddle me

Throw away her key.


You strode away,

Dithering yet inevitable.

Like a hand waving from a train;

I wish I’d been on it.


This immense being, still more immense without her.

Someone is humming in the distance. In the distance.

My soul is not content that she is lost.

Answer me, boastingly.

Are you satisfied?

No, don’t answer me.


Nostalgia’s cracked face

And dagger tongue

Promise me 

It wasn’t unrequited.


The days used to roll by, now it’s years.

Digging at me like spears.

Too old to leap, just let me fall asleep.

Remember when all that mattered were hotels and not losing each others sea-shells? 


I don’t mean to sound pompous 

or arrogant,

‘You still wish her happiness?’

‘That she’ll be young forever?’ 

I’m not that good of a person.

‘Why are you so certain?’ 


I play you in my head like monopoly,

Read you like a book on philosophy.

We never really understood monogamy. I wasted my 16,

My 17,

My 18,

And still now. In a chair. 


Wrinkles like scratches in a CD

I know I sound like a broken record

But you never fully left me. 


Flo Collier