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FAD students photography skills shine at Shed Studios, London

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On Monday our Foundation Art students had an exciting and hard working day in Easy London at professional studio complex, Shed Studios.

It was a very successful day, with Photography teacher Dan Boulton and Course Team Leader Gareth Roberts both saying there were “very proud of the maturity and professional conduct of the foundation students as they organised themselves in order to photograph the portraits for their upcoming show catalogue.” The studio time was also used by the students to undertake a show and catalogue meeting in which all students had the opportunity to contribute to this ongoing professional brief.

Splitting the group between Dan and Gareth allowed the students to to visit a contemporary photographic show and get a taste of the creative of uber-fashionable East End alongside the studio workshop.

The show was a fantastic opportunity for the students to be introduced to the work of Rory Doyle and his project on Black Cowboys – also a further opportunity for the E&D to be addressed in the Art Foundation teaching. Through his documentary project ‘Delta Hill Riders’, Mississippi based photographer, Rory Doyle challenges the Hollywood representation of cowboys in the Mississippi Delta.

Gareth said “Students learnt a range of skills from Dan’s specialist background and the opportunity to work within the constraints of a ‘professional briefing’ that will sit alongside their qualification and graduate show- The feedback has been extremely positive.”