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Equality Champions and FAB group help start Long Road Induction programme

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Long Road Equality Champions and members of the FAB (Faith and Belief) Group have set up stall in the College quad to help make all our students, whether new or returning, feel welcome and accepted.

Heidi Gjertsen, Equality and Diversity Coordinator explains:

The Reflections Tent, organised by the FAB Group, is an opportunity for students to try some activities designed to encourage reflection. Students may feel a little apprehensive about starting at college, and so we wanted them to have a chance to step back, relax and think about where they are going. The tent is arranged as a winding pathway, allowing students to come across new activities as they move through. Whether leaving handprints in sand or launching paper boats, there is always something to surprise and inspire them.










The Equality & Diversity Tent, organised by Equality Champions, provides information about student groups, and encourages students to make hand-prints to represent Equality & Diversity. We want to get the message across as soon as possible that we welcome all students as individuals and never tolerate any form of bullying or discrimination.