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Criminology students take part in public Stop and Search Community Scrutiny Group meeting

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Tom Genillard, Criminology Course Team Leader, reports:

“It was a great privilege for the college to host the Stop and Search Community Scrutiny Group. This was a perfect opportunity for our students to join members of the public and senior local police officers in a debate on the controversial issue of stop and search procedures.

“This affects young people in and around Cambridge every day, and the police welcomed Long Road students’ opinions in trying to make it a fairer process for the public. Our students gave thoughtful and insightful comments, and certainly gave the police force something to think about when considering their own practice.”

Here are some of our students’ comments:

“I found attending the Stop and Search Scrutiny Group really useful and interesting. I am in my second year of Criminology, and this really helped consolidate my knowledge through talking to a senior police officer and others. We watched videos of stop and searches taking place and argued what was good and bad about them. This will be extremely helpful for my end of course examinations.”

Katie Fickling

“We were taken through the process of how stop and searches are carried out, and about the rights of the individual being targeted. We learnt about drug gangs, county lines and all the statistics relating to stop and searches, including the success rates.

“Some of the things I learned were that stop and searches only result in a 35.7% success rate, 14% of which are arrests. Also, there is a worrying and disproportionate percentage of black people being stopped: 3.1% of the UK population identifies as black, but 14.2% of searches are carried out on black people.

James Martin