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Congratulations Class of 2020

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Exam Results (Awarded Grades) 2020

2020 is year we will remember for a very long time. This is an exam season like no other. All exams cancelled and replaced with Exam Board Awarded grades.

We are so proud of all our students today.

Whatever grade they have been awarded, in whichever subject, we know that the class of 2020 will go on to do great things in this world.  Through these testing times, they have developed the skills and strategies to thrive. The world surely needs this group of intelligent, resilient, creative, thoughtful, people.

We can’t wait to see what they all do next…

Here are just a few wonderful Long Road students off to change the world:

Kes Berry

Kes studied a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design and has achieved an outstanding D*DD. With these brilliant results, she is now off to study BA Fine Art at Worcester College, University of Oxford!!

Ruth Laslett, Head of Visual and Performing Arts, said “I am thrilled to see Kes will be able to follow her dream of studying Ba Hons in Fine Art at Oxford University.  She has shown 100% commitment to her studies and has risen to the creative challenges presented by the Extended Diploma in Art & Design course here at Long Road.

Throughout the course she was able to experiment and play with ideas and concepts, which were often informed by her exploration of her own identity and family. Her well deserved success has reconfirmed that choosing a vocational qualification in Art and Design can lead to amazing opportunities.

Well done to Kes, it was an absolute pleasure to teach you and it inspires me to see you achieve so highly.”

Alex Bentley

Alex joined Long Road from Comberton Village College and studied A Levels in English Literature, History and Sociology.

Upon opening his results this morning, Alex was delighted to see a fantastic set of results with A’s in English Literature and History and an A* in Sociology!

Alex is now going on to the study BA English Literature at the University of Liverpool.

He told us “The best thing about studying at Long Road was the capacity given to study in your own unique way and not to be judged for that, but instead encouraged. I want to thank Emma Harpley (my English teacher), Ian Osborne (my sociology teacher), Miranda Perkins and Clare Dunkerley (my History teachers), Tim Whittaker and Sarah Trolley who helped so much in the process of applying to university, and James Bentley, a Head of Department who also happens to be my Dad!”

Congratulations on your brilliant results Alex, wishing you the best of luck at university!

Libby Taylor

Previously studying at Bassingbourn Village College, Libby worked hard studying three A Levels at Long Road in PE, Psychology and Biology.

She has achieved a brilliant set of results with A*’s in PE, Psychology and a B in Biology. She is now off to the University of Nottingham to study Sport and Exercise Science.

“My favourite thing about Long Road was that it was so welcoming and all the teachers were kind, caring, knowledgeable and really supported me and helped me achieve the grades I got. I want to thank Chris, Pete, Mark, and Cathy for being amazing teachers for the past two years. I also want to thanks Michelle my progress coach and Tim for helping me through my personal statement and university application. 

Congratulations Libby, we’re so proud of your excellent results!

Martin Attmore

Martin was awarded the Long Road Scholars Award when he joined us from Impington Village College two years ago. He has made the most of his time at Long Road setting up the Long Road Film Club and recently publishing the first Long Road Student Film Magazine “The Long Lens”.

Martin achieved a truly wonderful set of results with a B in Film Studies A Level, D*D* in Media Level 3 Diploma and an A* in the Extended Project Qualification. Martin is now off to study Filmmaking at the University of Sussex!

“My favourite thing about Long Road is that I didn’t really worry about what other people thought of me because I was there to do the work and have fun. Thanks to Phil and Andrea, my film teachers, you have shaped me into a better person whether I do become a filmmaker or not.”

Best of luck Martin, remember us when you’re a famous filmmaker!

Saff Anstee-Day

Saff, previously studying at Coleridge Community College, joined Long Road where she took Level 3 Diplomas in Criminology and Health and Social Care. This morning she has achieved a fabulous set of results with an A in Criminology and D*D* on Health and Social Care!

Saff is now off to the University of Brighton to study BA Criminology and Sociology.

“My favourite thing about Long Road was the teachers as I definitely met some great ones on my journey.

I would like to give an extra special thank you to my Criminology teachers Dave and Nicole. As well as this, I was heavily inspired by both Steve Brand and Steve Picton; as they were motivational whilst being caring and considerate all at the same time.”

Congratulations Saff, we know you’ll have a brilliant time at Brighton!

Mo Andrews 

Massive congratulations to Mo Andrews, who joined Long Road from St Mary’s Catholic School in Bishops Stortford. Mo successfully achieved brilliant results with an A* in Fine Art, A* in Sociology and C in DT!

In September Mo is off to study a Level 4 Art Foundation at the Manchester School of Art!

My favourite thing about studying at Long Road was the fact that I had teachers that would challenge my opinions and methods of working whilst trusting and supporting the direction I chose to go in – I despise being patronised so it was really lovely that I had that level of stimulation / debate and I really felt I was being listened to. 

I’d like to thank all of my teachers but in particular to Paul Janssens for allowing me to push boundaries and being so engaged and supportive, as well as giving me the confidence to take Art further, what a diamond! And also to Ian Osborne for being a smashing sociology teacher and allowing me to indulge in Marxism!”

Huge congratulations to Mo, we can’t wait to see what beautiful artwork you produce in the future!

Amy Sellers

A big congratulations to Amy, previously a student of Bottisham Village College, who joined Long Road to study A Level’s in Maths, Chemistry and Geography.

Amy achieved amazing results with A*’s in Maths and Chemistry and an A in Geography! She is now off to the University of Nottingham to study a degree in Maths!

“I like how independent you can be as a student at Long Road and everyone is so lovely and kind. I would especially like to thank Ed Wyncoll, Simon Colebrooke and Chris Childs for all they have helped me with over this last year to get these exceptional results today.”

We are so proud of you Amy, what excellent results, congratulations!


Jj Greene

Congratulations to Long Road Scholar Jj, who received the Long Road Scholars Award when she joined us from Cromwell Community College.

Jj has achieved a brilliant set of results with an A in Chemistry, B in Maths and B in Biology and has successfully accepted her place at the Royal Veterinary College!!

“Thank you to all of my amazing teachers! Bridget Sutton, Ed Wyncoll and Paul Andrew”


Congratulations Jj, we always knew you’d be brilliant! Wishing you the best of luck in the future.

Megan Wagstaff

We are wishing Megan a big congratulations on her wonderful results today! Megan joined Long Road from Samuel Ward Academy, studying Criminology, Sociology, Psychology and the Extended Project Qualification.

Receiving her results this morning, Megan successfully achieved A*,A,B,B and has accepted a place to study Law with Criminology at the University of Law, London!

“Long Road enabled me opportunities to help me succeed, not only with A-levels but with my future. A massive thank you to Tom Genillard and Emma Barton, you two are truly remarkable teachers.”

We would like to give Megan an extra special congratulations as she is the first student at Long Road to achieve an A* in Criminology! Wishing you the best of luck at university!

Lucy Crawford

We are wishing Lucy a massive congratulations today on some truly exceptional results! Lucy joined Long Road from Bottisham Village College, studying A Level Photography, English Language and Literature, Graphic Design Level 3 Diploma and the Extended Project Qualification.

A creative genius, Lucy has achieved A*, A*, A*, B and is now off to the Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts to study a Foundation year in Art and Design followed by a BA in Graphic Design!

“My teachers were all inspiring and supportive, they encouraged me to enter creative competitions and helped me to achieve success in my A-level results. Thank you to Emma Burton, Mary Weinberger, Melanie Henderson and Andy Proudfoot. “

Congratulations Lucy, we can’t wait to see your next artistic achievements!

Millie Fisher

We knew Millie was on the road to greatness when she successfully achieved the Long Road Scholars Award after joining us from Samuel Ward Academy in Haverhill. Millie studied A Level Maths, Chemistry and Physics with an additional AS Level in Further Maths.

In September she will be off to study BA Primary Education with a QTS at Liverpool Hope University. Although she would rather not announce them to the world just yet, she is ecstatic at successfully accepting her place at her top choice university!

“My favourite thing about studying at Long Road was the friendly and supportive teachers who were always there for you, and the friends I made. Some of my favourite memories would be of joking around in class, or during a free when we had finished banding together to help each other on prep work to then play psych or have a sing-along – having a break and laugh always puts you in a better mood to learn.

I would thank Simon my Chemistry teacher out of everyone, as I originally chose the subject as I thought it would help open opportunities career-wise and didn’t particularly like it. However, it ended up being my favourite subject, and I always looked forward to the lesson. He improved my confidence and knowledge, with his well thought out and organised lessons, and helping us revise without even realising it. The prep work for every lesson helped go over previous lessons to solidify knowledge that one may otherwise forget, and the same with the starter questions. His PowerPoint were also easy to strip down into distinct and painless information to learn when making notes. Overall I could never once fault his lessons, or his commitment to help us, even outside of class. “

Huge congratulations Millie, we wish you the best of luck at university – who knows, maybe we’ll see you back at Long Road as a teacher one day!

Ally Carder

Previously studying at Linton Village College, Ally Carder was delighted with her results this morning – and we can see why!

Ally has achieved a wonderful set of results with A in Economics, B in Psychology and B in Geography. She is now looking forward to starting an Accountancy apprenticeship in September!

“I loved the teachers at Long Road, always there offering you support when you need them. Also the community feel at Long Road made it extra special.”

Congratulations Ally and best of luck with your apprenticeship!


Lizzy Cornell-Jones

Lizzy joined Long Road from Linton Village College, deciding to study A Levels in Psychology, Economics and Sociology.

She has had a fantastic 2 years at Long Road and her hard work has paid off with a great set of results! – A,C,C – Congratulations Lizzy!! She is now off to study Midwifery at the University of East Anglia (UEA)

“The best thing about Long Road was how supported I felt during rough times! There were times where even I didn’t think I could do it but the support systems there were so amazing that I never felt alone.

I would like to thank Anna Ross for all the support she gave me during my time at Long Road, not only in pushing me in Psychology to achieve the best I could, but for showing me that I was stronger than any struggles I faced, I don’t think I would have passed any A-levels without her”

Josh Robinson

Massive congratulations to Josh for his outstanding set of results today! Josh joined us from Impington Village College three years ago as a Level 2 student, boosting his GCSE grades before staying on to study the Level 3 Media Extended Diploma.

Today, Josh achieved the highest grade possible of D*,D*,D* – he now has plans to start his own business in videography including filming music videos, wedding, adverts and much more!

Josh told us, “I learnt so much in that first year that it set me onto a great path to succeed in my second and third year! Which I did! My favourite thing about studying at Long Road was the freedom and the people that I worked with. I love the fact that we all got treated like adults as well! “

Congratulations on your amazing results Josh and we wish you the best of luck with your new business!

Klesio Bari Costa Rosa

Klesio, who studied his GCSE’s at Coleridge Community College, joined Long Road to study the Level 3 Sport and Level 3 Business Studies Diplomas.

He achieved a fantastic set of results day with D*D* in Sport and DS* in Business Studies meaning he has successfully accepted his place to study Sports Coaching at Anglia Ruskin University!

Klesio told us his favourite thing about Long Road is “The support you get from your peers and your classmates which shows that you are not alone and they can help you if you are struggling with something. I would like to thank Ben Hudson and Tim Whittaker as if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be the student I was as they saw my potential. I would to thank everyone at Long Road as you have helped me a lot as a student. Hopefully this isn’t the last time and I get to see everyone back in Long Road.”

Congratulations Klesio and best of luck with your studies at ARU – we hope we see you again soon as part of our Alumni family!

Nick Ormerod

A massive congratulations to Nick, who studied his GCSE’s at Soham before joining Long Road. During his two years with us, Nick studied four A-Levels in Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics.

Nick received an extraordinary set of exam results, achieving A*,A,A,A and is now heading off to the University of Manchester to study Physics!

“I’d like to thank all of my teachers who were all very able and willing to answer my many questions throughout my two years at Long. They are all very approachable and when you’re struggling they’re there for support.”

Congratulations on these amazing results Nick, we wish you the best of luck with your university studies!