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College marks Safer Internet Day with new digital badge

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Safer Internet Day is taking place today (7th February), and Long Road Sixth Form College is marking the day by issuing a fifth digital badge: Assess Risks Online. College e-learning leader Julie Lindsay explains:

“We often have to carry out risk assessments when online. Sometimes we have to make quick decisions – is this safe or potentially harmful? The digital attributes and skills students can gain by earning the Assess Risks Online badge are:

  • The recognition of an online hazard;
  • An understanding of how their actions can turn a hazard into a risk;
  • The ability to assess the possible outcomes of their actions and the risk value;
  • An understanding of how to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and others.

“There are four other digital badges on the college Moodle (Virtual Learning Environment) home page that students can earn. These are Get Connected (taken on enrolment day) , Share Aware 2016 (e-safety) 21st Century Student (study skills) and My Digital Identity (digital literacy). The activity behind all five badges involves independent learning, a key feature of study at Long Road Sixth Form College. The badges are not testing prior knowledge. They are designed to raise awareness of some of the essential skills we all need to live and work in a highly complex world. Reflecting on the issues embedded in the content of each activity is what counts in the medium to long term.

“Once students have earned a badge, they can record this on the college student information system as part of their record of achievement. They can then add the skills they have acquired, and the badges, as evidence in their personal statement or job application to show that they have gained a number of digital attributes and skills. This can boost their employability value or look good on a university or apprenticeship application. We remind students that if they do add these skills to an application, they must be prepared to discuss them at interview.”

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