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Chemists create exciting EPQ Projects

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Before half-term, we visited the Long Road Chemistry labs where we met Year 2 A Level Chemistry students Alessandro Rwambiwa, Cherub Jaladi and Oliver de Ferrars Green who have all been working on exciting EPQ projects.

Alessandro Rwambiwa has done an EPQ looking at the synthesis of aspirin from anthranilic acids in five steps.  While filling the lab with the wonderful smell of grapes and then mint Alessandro learned a lot of practical chemistry.  Even in their first year at university few chemistry students undertake a synthesis in five steps.  Alessandro says ‘ Throughout the project I have spent over sixty hours carrying out practical activities in the lab, which gave me invaluable experience.  I am much more confident and proficient at reading and summarising than I was before which I believe to be an important skill going into university’

Cherub Jaladi is pictured refluxing Oil of Wintergreen as part of his EPQ on synthesis, recrystallization and purity testing of aspirin.

Oliver de Ferrars Green is pictured with the apparatus he used to optimise a method for collecting data on the rate of reaction between zinc and acid.