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Business Studies students at ARU Insight Day

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ARU (Anglia Ruskin University) kindly arranged for a group of fifteen Business Studies students to gain a valuable insight into not just academic life at university, but also the wide variety of enrichment activities on offer.

LRSFC students attended a 9am lecture with first year ARU students, which looked at skills and how they are rapidly changing due to the impact of new technologies.  This was followed by a seminar focused on team building with a tower building activity linked to Meredith Belbin’s work on team roles.  Students were encouraged to reflect on which role they adopted during the activity and how they went about planning their tower.

This was followed by two more sessions run, predominantly, by ARU students.  The first looked at work placements, with three ARU students describing their experiences and the confidence the placements had given them.  LRSFC students were given the opportunity to ask them questions – which they did!  It was felt by all to be very motivational.

The final session was a Q&A session with Business Studies Course Reps.  LRSFC students asked a variety of questions on topics such as the make- up of a modular course and how the degree was assessed.

It was a very successful day which gave our students the chance to see, in more realistic terms, what the life of a degree student is really like and therefore make more informed decisions about their own futures.

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