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Business students enter tigers’ cage!

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Business A level and Level 3 Applied Diploma students entered the Tigers’ Cage – from the safety of their classroom – when international professional services organisation PwC and training company Visionpath to lead an exciting developmental day.

Visionpath has designed an activity, upSkill, which is perfect for young people preparing for their careers. PwC is working with Visionpath in Cambridge and provided mentors for the event.

Our students worked in teams to come up with big ideas to solve the daily challenges they face. This was followed by a fast-paced session to help develop brilliant communication skills.

The teams then got to work, helped by their mentors, to design a top-notch product, along with marketing strategies and profit and loss accounts.

It was then time to enter the Tigers’ Cage to sell their products to the tigers, David Robertson of PwC and Patrick Philpott, Founder of Visionpath.

Our teams came up with ideas to prevent bikes being stolen, electronic wristbands to help find each other more easily, and a smart shopper to make trips to big shopping malls easier.

The winning team was Smart Shopper, who had designed a way for you to find an outfit and try it on virtually as soon as you arrived at the shopping mall. The Smart Shopper would then show you which shops stocked the product or allow you to buy it online.

Mark Nunneley, Business Applied Course Team Leader, says: “This was an outstanding opportunity for our students, and I cannot thank Visionpath and PwC enough for giving up a day to work with our students. It was great to see our students so enthusiastic, engaged and gaining in confidence. I’m looking forward to seeing how our young entrepreneurs develop in the future and to buying some excellent, innovative products from them!”

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