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Brilliant, Bold and Beautifully Mad!

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Drama A level students went to Bedford Theatre to see Splendid Productions’ performance of Woyzeck by Georg Buchner. Student Jack Wilkin has written this review of the play:

Brilliant, Bold and Beautifully Mad! Woyzeck is a Must See!

From the name to the staging, Woyzeck, performed by ‘Splendid Productions’, is something new and eye opening. Adapted from the original Georg Büchner gothic story, you are immersed into a world of murder, science and comedy. A poor soldier, Franz Woyzeck, is trying his best to look after his wife, Marie, and his son. What’s more, he has agreed to go on a diet of nothing but peas for a scientific experiment. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

As the play goes on, and not necessarily in the right order, ‘Splendid Productions’ use their mix of indoor theatre and breaking the fourth wall to make the entire play inclusive and exhilarating. As a new scene starts, the three actors introduce them like TV episodes, interacting with the audience and making us involved throughout the entire play. The dark humour and non-naturalistic features, as well as the use of music boxes and perfect one liners, makes the play different and new. From the moment you enter the space, the interaction between audience and actor becomes first nature, with some of the audience members being ‘Doctors’ and writing notes on poor Franz.

The simple use of top hats, canes, skirts and bags makes the transition from character to character easy to understand. Simply throwing over a white lab coat and putting on a geek style voice, made the audience instantly believe and soak in their character of a doctor, or when they took on specific roles such as Franz, or Marie. Combined with the use of physical theatre and homemade sound effects the performance felt raw and pure.

Funny, twisted and inspirational, if you want to see something brand new and out of the norm, then you have to see Woyzeck.

Photograph reproduced with kind permission from Bedford Theatre and Splendid Productions.