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Brave students help out at two emergencies

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Students photographed with their tutors at the lunch. From left to right: Tutor Liam Core, Tutor Steve Picton, Nicola Stoner, Penny Newman, Tutor Sheila Redhead, Jasmine Jones, Sophie Molt, Heidi Porter, Tutor Ben Hudson, Louise Davies, Jonathan Gibson, Tutor Lynette Smith, Tutor Susan Hards

A group of brave Long Road students were treated to a special lunch hosted by College Principal Sandra Hamilton-Fox. The students had all carried out initial first aid at two emergencies: one medical and one a car crash. What’s more, they had to do so without the immediate assistance of anyone else.

Louise Davies, Penny Newman, Heidi Porter, Sophie Molt, Nicola Stoner and Jasmine Jones were walking along Long Road to get to the bus stop when a woman collapsed unconscious in the street. Louise carried out emergency first aid while Penny called for an ambulance. The other girls helped and took care of the woman’s dog, which was taken back to the college then collected by the dog warden.

“Luckily I had taken a first aid course as part of the Health & Social Care National Diploma,” explained Louise. “I put the woman in the recovery position, supported her head, which she had injured, and monitored her pulse.” Louise had a leg injury herself at the time and had dropped her crutches to run to the woman’s assistance.

“It was quite a scary experience,” adds Penny. “You don’t expect to have to do something like this, but we all pulled together to help the woman and her dog.”

Sport National Diploma student Jonathan Gibson, meanwhile, was driving to college one morning and was stuck in a tailback on Babraham Road. A woman overtook the line of traffic, lost control of her car, hit a bollard and overturned.

“I stopped my car and jumped out,” explains Jonathan. “The car had ended up on its offside, and the woman’s arm was trapped underneath. I managed to lift up the car to release her arm.”

Jonathan then climbed up onto the nearside of the car (which was now the roof), opened the passenger door (“which was really difficult”) and helped the woman to climb out.

“I dashed back to my car for my sport towel to wrap round the woman’s arm and called for an ambulance,” he continues. “Lots of people in the line of traffic were hooting me because I was blocking the road. I couldn’t believe it!”

Jonathan has taken a first aid course at part of his studies.

“These students are a credit to the college,” comments Sandra. “They are an example to us all. It’s not easy to know what to do at an accident, and it takes great courage to step forward and help. The students demonstrated a sense of responsibility, a caring attitude and great bravery. We are very lucky to have students like these – there are many others – at Long Road.”