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Bounce! Level 3 Sport students organise trip to Milton Keynes

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Level 3 Sport Diploma students have to organise events as part of their course. One group arranged a trip to Bounce in Milton Keynes and invited Level 2 Sport students to come with them. Veronica Valdez, on the Level 2 course, reports:

Veronicabounce-2016-sport-applied-003“The trip was organised by Level 3 students Kiera O’Connor, Jake Butler, Aoife Wardell and Dan Knight. It was a totally new experience for us, as it was led by Long Road students like ourselves. First of all, they let us bounce around for an hour, and because Bounce is a very big place, it gave us time to look around and try all the games and activities you could do. This ranged from table tennis to basketball to dodgeball to throwing yourself into a massive inflatable!

“Once our free hour was over, we had a break before we started the activities they had planned for us. We were put into team colours and played competitively against each other. Kiera and Aoife organised a basketball game where you had to try and ‘slam dunk’ the ball into the hoop whilst bouncing, and to get more points you had to try and shoot from where the basketball trampoline started. Dan and Jake organised a dodgeball game where much the same rules applied.

“When time was up, they announced which team had won in the competitive game –  this was Blue Team. They also took everyone out for lunch –  we were able to choose where we wanted to eat, which was a win-win for everyone.

“Overall, our experience was fun and enjoyable.  The Level 2 students thought it was well organised, and the Level 3 students talked us through the plan for the day clearly so we knew what we were doing and when. We felt they led the activities well and gave clear instructions, so we could get on with the games, and their timing was perfect. We liked how they also joined in with us when we had free time,  which meant we got to know them and could ask any questions that we may have had.

“I recommend the trampoline park Bounce to everyone regardless of their age group. It is a great experience if you wanted to go out with your friends or family. It’s good value and there’s lots to do there. I would definitely would go back there again if I ever had the chance.

“Thank you to Kiera, Aoife, Dan and Jake for leading us through the day and being awesome at organising trips.” 