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Biology students visit Addenbrookes Lab of Molecular Biology

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Back in June our Biology department took 10 Year 1 students on a visit to the Lab of Molecular Biology on the Addenbrookes site.

A group of LMB scientists have created a hands-on science exhibit entitled ‘A Recipe for Primordial Life’ based on their research into the chemical origin of life on Earth. We were taken back 4.5 billion years to the time when chemical reactions powered by the sun, volcanoes and meteorites created the building blocks of life, and these came together to create the first living cells.

The LMB also gave our students a tour of the MRC LMB and opportunity to quiz LMB scientists about their career, and what it is really like to work in a lab.

Biology Course Team Leader, Paul Andrew, noted that “The opportunity to visit the labs at the LMB, where so many famous and Nobel prize-winning scientists ply their trade, come along very infrequently, so we jumped at the chance of taking our students. The feedback from the students was very positive indeed. We agreed that the best bit was the opportunity to talk to their scientists about the research they are carrying out, as well as their own personal journey in science.”

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