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The new academic year has brought some new changes to Long Road… a brand new Long Road logo!

You’ve seen it on our website, you wear it on your lanyard, maybe you’ve even got your hands on one of our new logo badges! But what does it actually mean?

Throughout 2019 we’ve been working behind the scenes to refresh and refine our college brand to truly represent YOU – our students, our staff, our community. Carrying out research with a range of students, parents, staff and governors we asked you for your thoughts on our college.

Responses from students told us that some of the very best things about Long Road is the “excellent careers and future advice” that our Careers and Progression Department and Progress Coaches provide all of our students; “helping you to shape your goals” whatever they may be. The rich and varied enrichment and sporting opportunities taking place across the college were also highlighted by our students as one of our best qualities as a college.

Parents and staff told us that the key strength of Long Road is the unseen education and opportunities the college provides its students; including the strong network of resources and links to the real world that our staff pass on to our students. The diversity and inclusivity of the student body were also discussed in these responses as teaching our students how to communicate effectively with a range of different types of people; the diversity of students also meant teachers and parents felt that students are looked at and treated as individuals “not just seen as empty vessels for knowledge”. Diversity of the qualifications available at Long Road was also highlighted as a key strength; offering students “the best of both worlds” with a strong mix of STEM and creative subjects.

Finally, students, parents and teachers were all asked what they felt is the personality of Long Road – unsurprisingly they all had very similar responses describing the college as; welcoming, respectful,  inspiring, forward-thinking, inclusive, bold, vibrant, challenging and innovative. Our favourite description of the college was from one of our students who said that Long Road is a “bright and happy place” a community who “lets people be who they are, embracing their uniqueness”. 

With this community feedback in mind, we turned our attention to designing a new logo to represent everything you had told us; creating our new kaleidoscopic star!

The rainbow of colours represents our diversity in students, the inclusive nature of our college community and the individuality of our students. The kaleidoscope of colours also represents the fusion of strong scientific and artistic subjects at the college.

Likened to the shape of a compass, the different points represent the different pathways that we support our students in progressing along as they complete their studies with us; while the large number of points represents the range of academic subjects and many different extracurricular activities open to our students.

Finally, the overall star shape celebrates the success of our students and our Alumni.

“When you look into a kaleidoscope, you see something beautiful.  But after you shake it up, destroying what is there, and hold it up to the light again, you will see something new and different, but equally beautiful.  Life is much the same as the kaleidoscope.  After being shaken, it will always reveal something new and beautiful, but only if we take the time to hold it up to the light and look inside.” – Ken Makovsky