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Art National Diploma students at Cast Gallery

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Art National Diploma students spent a productive time with their sketch books and cameras  in the Cast Gallery at the Museum of Classical Archaeology in Cambridge.  Their teacher, Karen Little, asked for their feedback.

“Our trip to the museum was such a useful addition to both my painting / printing and photography units. With such a wide selection of interesting sculpture casts, I could take my time drawing and photographing the ones I liked the most. I always find it better to observe and draw from the sculptures directly rather than from photos on the website or in a book.” Katie Inglis

“The trip to the museum was a great day out right on our door-step! It had a fantastic atmosphere to complete some good quality studies which help towards our units.  The casts of the Greek and Roman sculptures were incredibly interesting to observe as they were ‘rare and valuable’. An inspiring visit!” Melissa Parker and Emily Harwood

Karen adds: “This is an extremely useful visit for our students.  The staff at the Cast Gallery are always very friendly and helpful, which adds to our enjoyment of the activity.”