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Applied Science Career Ready Napp visit

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Applied Science Level 3 students on the Career Ready Programme had a wonderful opportunity to visit Napp Pharmaceuticals of the Mundipharma Group on Tuesday. The photo is outside one of their iconic buildings, known to NAPP staff as, “The Toaster”!

A tour of the premises revealed amazing insights into the stages involved in the production of slow-release medicine tablets and capsules, and students got to see a broad range of job roles with staff working all around them.  Quality Control demonstrations really highlighted the accuracy involved in producing goods needing high levels of precision, and students gained their first experience of clean-room environments, requiring careful attention to ensuring the workplace is kept as clean as possible – even down to wearing protective suits covering all shoes, clothes, hair and even ears and beards!

Meeting a university student on industrial placement with NAPP allowed our students to speak with someone of a similar age and outlook, while a talk after the tour that looked at how to best prepare for a CV/interview/Selection Day proved a real hit.

Feedback was very positive with one student commenting, “The master class was helpful because it helped me understand that I should put more about myself and personal achievements [in my CV, than just] educational qualifications.”