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Anyone Can Make a Zine – UNBOUND Zine workshop, 28 May.

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Anyone can make a Zine! 

A zine (zeen; an abbreviation of fanzine) is a small magazine that is produced cheaply by a person and is about a subject they are interested in. We love zines in the Photography department at Long Road, they are an exciting way for the students to present their work. Our students explain why they like them:


I use zines to create narratives. I find them an effective way of presenting a series of photographs; it helps me to reflect on the themes I am exploring. I particularly like the freedom of sequencing my photos and how this can suggest new meanings in my work.  My advice to anyone making a zine is to be experimental about the materials you choose to make it from. I would recommend “Some Disordered Interior Geometries,” by Francesca Woodman, as great example of an imaginative hand-made book.


I enjoy being able to look at my photographs in a zine, something that I can hold. I find it more engaging than just looking at photos on the screen. When I start a zine I put the photographs into pairs, and then I think about ordering these so that the images flow together. My advice for anyone making a zine is to have more images than you need to start with and to think carefully about your selections. A book that I would recommend that has great sequencing, is ‘Park/Sleep,’ by Robert Frank.


I like the freedom you have when sequencing your photographs in a zine and how this allows you to explore your themes.  The sequencing of your photographs gives you a different perspective on your work and helps to develop your ideas. I would recommend the book by Trent Parke “Minutes to Midnight” as a book that has an amazing sequence of photographs.


Do you fancy making your own zine?

Of course you do!

If you have a passion for photography and are aged 14-15 you can join us for the day at Long Road Sixth form College for a half-term photography workshop on the 28th May.

In this Artist led workshop, you will learn how to successfully sequence your photos and how to present them in zines!

Interested? Email to book your place.