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Applied Psychology Level 3 Diploma

Level 3 Applied Diploma

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour. This new take on a popular subject combines fascinating content with a rigorous approach to investigation; this course, unlike the A level, has coursework and modular assessment. We will aim to develop your theoretical understanding of the topics and an appreciation of their impact on people’s daily lives in a practical and applied way.

Psychologists use a range of methods to investigate human behaviour and the strengths and limitations of these methods is an integral theme that runs through the course. Over the two years you will study a range of topics exploring how to plan and conduct scientific psychological research in a practical and ethical way while exploring key approaches in psychology. 

This is an Extended Certificate equivalent to one A level and can be taken in combination with either other applied 60 credit courses or A levels.

Please note; may be required to pay course costs towards your study on this course. Click here for a full list of Course Costs


Course Content

Psychology can be defined as the scientific study of mind and behaviour. During the course you will have the opportunity to engage in this scientific process through conducting a research project that requires you to collect and analyse data.

You will develop an ability to use precise and succinct writing, and a deeper understanding of scientific methods, mathematical applications and the broader implications of research.

Part of your assessment will be to design and carry out research, analyse data and report findings.

Year 1:

You will explore four key Approaches in Psychology:

    1. Social
    2. Cognitive
    3. Learning
    4. Biological.

You will apply these Approaches to explain contemporary issues of aggression, gender and consumer behaviour.

You will also get the chance to carry out your own Psychology research project.

Year 2:

You will explore Health Psychology which will include psychological approaches, theories and studies related to lifestyle choices, unhealthy behaviours and behavioural change, linking them to their specific contexts.

You will also explore Criminal and Forensic Psychology which will include the different theories used to explain criminal behaviour and the application of Criminal and Forensic Psychology in the criminal justice system.


You will be assessed by a combination of internally-assessed assignments and externally-set and marked assessments.

Is it for me?

You will enjoy and benefit from Applied Psychology if you:

  • are interested in the way humans think, feel and interact with each other
  • wish to carry out research and understand the research process.
  • would like to work in this area or in careers involving working with people in the future
  • have the ability to analyse theoretical concepts and to examine scientific issues logically and systematically
  • are keen to carry out independent investigative research, including extensive reading and the Internet
  • can express yourself well, both in discussion and on paper.


How does it differ to A level?

Both courses try to explain human behaviour and cover similar content but their method of assessment is different.

The National Extended Certificate allows students to complete modules and then sit assessments as they go, rather than doing 100% examined assessment at the end of 2 years.

This course would suit a student who prefers continuous assessment rather than linear exams.


Entry Requirements

At least 5 grade 4s including Maths and English.

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