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Mathematics GCSE

Level 2 GCSE Programme

A pass in GCSE mathematics is essential for progression onto a wide variety of further academic study options, vocational training courses and employment.

You will spend your time focusing on applying knowledge and mathematical skills to solve problems, with a strong emphasis on mathematical reasoning and communicating mathematical ideas, as well as consolidating basic arithmetic skills.

Working as part of a cohesive group, receiving tutorial support, subject workshops and study skills assistance from our specialist staff, you will be helped to improve upon prior attainment in mathematics. By quickly identifying and addressing knowledge gaps and building confidence, we will support you to sharpen your skills in this area and be more successful in mathematics.

Course Content

Students who have not yet achieved a Grade 4 in GCSE Mathematics, are required to include a Level 2 Mathematics course in their programme of study.

Those students take our GCSE Mathematics course as part of their A Level/Diploma (Level 3) study programme, or as part of their ‘Access to Level 3 General’ or ‘Access to Level 3 Science’ programmes.

We also offer a course for students who have achieved below Grade 3 in GCSE Maths to date.

The GCSE consists of three key assessment objectives:

  • Applying standard techniques:
    the recollection of facts, formulae and algorithms in order to accurately and efficiently perform a range of calculations.
  • Reasoning, interpreting and communicating mathematically:
    covering the choice of calculations and presentation of structured techniques.
  • Solving problems:
    the selection of appropriate mathematical techniques in order to solve problems in a variety of contexts which may be unfamiliar or novel.


  • 100% Exam
  • Exam Board: Edexcel

Special Features

Our highly qualified, supportive and experienced specialist teachers provide an opportunity for students to redefine their relationship with mathematics, increase in confidence and improve on exam previous outcomes. Our exam results are consistently amongst the best in the country.

Entry Requirements

  • At least 4 GCSEs at Grade 3 including GCSE English and GCSE Maths.
  • Students who have not achieved a Grade 4 in GCSE English and/or GCSE Maths must retake these as part of their study programme.

Please note; you may be required to pay course costs towards your study on this course. Please click here for a full list of 2021/2022 course costs. 

After Long Road

A pass in GCSE Maths is viewed as essential for progression onto a wide variety of further study, training or employment.

The course also emphasises problem solving and mathematical communication. This is to help prepare students for the workplace where an ability to think logically when making decisions and explain reasoning clearly are highly valued skills.

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