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Level 2 GCSE Programme

The internet is an essential part of everyday life used for shopping, communication, leisure, gaming and finding information. You will study the effective use of communication and flexibility of styles by analysing websites that are aimed at a specific target audience in comparison to those that are inclusive to a wide range of people.

You will spend time exploring the use of multimedia to make websites eye-catching, such as images, animation, video and sound, but also focus on the importance of making websites accessible for a variety of users and consider restrictive factors such as speed of the users’ internet connection or version of browser they are using.

You will identify and learn to use different IT tools available for safe and secure communication and exchange of information within an organisation; considering and adapting your approach to communication depending on your audience.


Course Content

The IT GCSE is part of the Access to Level 3 programme,  a one-year qualification that will enable you to extend your range of GCSE qualifications so you can progress to level 3 courses.

You will work as a cohesive group, building the foundations to enable you to be successful on a Level 3 program. You will also receive tutorial support and assistance with your study skills.

The mandatory unit is about communication in the IT industry and you will use a range of IT applications so you can exchange of information safely and securely. You will become proficient at choosing the best tools for a range of communication tasks and audiences so you can create useful information for a variety of purposes.

The second unit is about mobile communications technologies and you’ll investigate both current and emerging mobile technologies; technical protocols, the law about data protection and how they are being used by individuals and businesses. You’ll also examine how mobile communications can be kept secure.


  • 100% Coursework
  • Exam Board: OCR

Special Features

You will develop your understanding and skills of the essentials of IT as well as an insight into the IT fast moving IT industry.


Entry Requirements

  • At least 3 GCSEs at Grade 4 including GCSE Maths .
  • Grade 3 in GCSE English.
  • Students who have not achieved a Grade 4 in GSCE English and/or GCSE Maths must retake these as part of their study programme.

Please note; you may be required to pay course costs towards your study on this course. Please click here for a full list of 2021/2022 course costs. 

After Long Road

This course provides the basis for progression to the Level 3 programme along with the other subjects studied on the General pathway.

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