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A level

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour. This popular subject combines fascinating content with a rigorous approach to investigation; we aim to develop your theoretical understanding of the topics and an appreciation of their impact on people’s daily lives.

You will study a range of topics such as the workings of human memory, child development, the treatment of mental illnesses, and rehabilitation of criminal behaviour. Throughout these topics, you will apply scientific methods used in research and the important debates surrounding the application of psychology in society. You will develop an ability to use precise and succinct writing, and a deeper understanding of scientific methods, mathematical applications and the broader implications of research, through regular opportunities to design and carry out research, analyse data and report findings.

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Course Content

We are all amateur psychologists in that we attempt to explain the behaviour of people around us. In seeking to understand human behaviour, psychologists look at a range of influences from early childhood experiences and socialisation to biological factors such as genes, hormones and brain structure.

Year 1:

You will explore four key areas in psychology:

    1. Social
    2. Influence
    3. Memory
    4. Attachment and Psychopathy.

You will study the various approaches to explaining behaviour, the emergence of psychology as a science and develop a detailed knowledge of a range of research methods.

Year 2:

Core topics for year 2 are

    1. Gender
    2. Schizophrenia
    3. Forensic Psychology.

You will also learn to use all the course material to discuss a number of debates within psychology, including the implications of nature and nurture-based explanations, various forms of bias and the ethics of psychological research.

You will further develop your understanding of scientific research techniques and statistical analysis of data, building on the foundation of year 1 through practical experience.


Assessment is by examination at the end of Year 2.

Special Features

The department organises an annual trip to a conference on crime and criminal psychology and offers information on various national and local conferences and lectures for students to attend. Trips to Krakow and Auschwitz, and to London Zoo’s Phobia Clinic have been organised in recent years.

Is it for me?

You will enjoy and benefit from Psychology if you:

  • are interested in the way humans think, feel and interact with each other;
  • would like to work in this area in the future;
  • have the ability to analyse theoretical concepts and to examine issues logically and systematically;
  • are keen to carry out independent investigative research, including extensive reading and using the Internet;
  • can express yourself well, both in discussion and on paper.

Entry Requirements

At least 7 grade 4s at GCSE in appropriate subjects.

A grade 5 is required in Science, Maths, English and Psychology if taken at GCSE.

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