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Physical Education

A level

The sports industry is an integral part of modern society and at a professional level is a lucrative business. On our A level PE course, you will go on a journey that will take you through many different avenues of the sports industry and, in particular, the application of sport science.

Throughout the course, you will be required to demonstrate and apply your knowledge of the factors underpinning involvement in physical activity and sport, and analyse and evaluate those factors in sports performance. If you are considering studying degrees such as physical education teaching, physiotherapy, sport psychology, or sport and exercise science, our course is ideal preparation.

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Course Content

Physical Education is ideal preparation for those who may be considering studying courses such as Physical Education teaching, Physiotherapy, Sport Psychology or Dietetics. You will gain an insight into how the body and mind work together to influence sports performance, both positively and negatively.

You will look at how science is now widely applied to the sports industry at all levels, from the importance of physical training for sports performance to the influence of biomechanics in the analysis of individual and team performance.

You will also consider the influence of nutrition on sports performance, as well as looking at sport and its influence on society through history and in the present day.

You will be given the opportunity to specialise in performing or coaching one chosen sport. You’ll link this to a written project where you will study an aspect of your performance, with the aim of enhancing and developing your individual level.

The course consists of three components. Component 1 introduces the theory behind five areas while Component 2 builds on the theory, with an emphasis on how these areas are integrated to apply to performance.
The 5 areas of study are chosen from:

  1. Exercise Physiology
  2. Training and Performance
  3. Movement Analysis
  4. Technology and Biomechanics
  5. Sport Psychology
  6. Skill Acquisition
  7. Sport and Society.

Component 3 is a practical component where you will perform as a player or a coach in one chosen sport available from a list of activities supplied by the examination board. Your work on your chosen sport will be supported by a written assignment of approximately 3,500 words in which you will investigate and research methods to improve physical or technical aspects of your practical performance.


The assessment for Components 1 and 2 are by examination at the end of Year 2.

The assessment for Component 3 is 50% performance and 50% written analysis.

Is it for me?

This course will be ideal for you if you have a strong interest in sport and the theory of sport. It will help you to understand and apply theoretical work to improve your own sporting performance.

You will also enjoy Physical Education if you:

  • are keen to increase your levels of skill and fitness in a variety of sports;
  • would like to explore the physical, psychological and social aspects of physical education, health and performance.






Entry Requirements

At least 7 GCSEs at grade 4 or equivalent in a range of subjects including Maths and English.

A grade 4 or equivalent is required in a Science GCSE with a high level of Biology content.

A grade 4 in Physical Education is required if taken or a Merit if taking a BTEC Level 2 sport course.

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