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Latest Updates:

A level courses overview

Major changes have taken place nationally in education, designed to raise standards. This means that the GCSE, A level and Applied courses we offer have undergone reforms.

New Mathematics and English GCSEs

Mathematics and English GCSEs have been reformed and have a new numerical grading system. For Long Road entry requirements, we use the following scale:

Grade 8/9 = old A* at GCSE
Grade 7 = old A at GCSE
Grade 6 = old B at GCSE
Grade 5 = old high C at GCSE
Grade 4 = old C at GCSE
Grade 3 = old D at GCSE

These new grades have had an impact on our standard entry requirements for A level courses. You now need 7 Grades 4s at GCSE including Maths and English.

Changes to A levels

All A levels have now become linear two-year courses. This means you need to study for the full two years to obtain the qualification. We ask A level students to choose three subjects to study. As most universities and employers make offers based on a three A level programme, we believe that the extra teaching time will help students achieve the best possible grades. In addition, there are changes to the content of A level courses, the amount of coursework, and to A level  examinations.

• Coursework has been removed in all but exceptional cases. It will be reduced from 40% to 20% of the final mark.
• Examinations are taken at the end of the two year course, not spread out over both years. Students no longer take AS examinations. Instead we use mocks on a regular basis and have increased the teaching time on each course.

For more information on individual course entry requirements and assessment method, please visit the course pages on this website.